Young Scientist?

will help you create an international project,
grow your passion and much more…

There is a genius in every Scientist.
It’s our mission to help you discover yours.
Don’t wait. The world needs your solutions.

Creating an international project is a huge challenge. You need a profound knowledge, laboratory experience, diversified team and filling out an extremely complicated grant application…

We understand your pain and that is exactly why we create brainiverse platform –
– your Partner in science.

Brainiverse knows the formula for your perfect team. Based on your skills and scientific interests, the platform will help you build an international team with all the competencies needed.

Brainiverse supports you in creating a micro conference to meet anyone around the globe, discuss scientific problems and choose who you want to collaborate with.

With brainiverse everything is possible. You create ambitious research plans and brainiverse helps you find professionals who will do the job for you.

You don’t need to know or can everything. Nobody does. Here you can outsource research, measurements, data analysis or devices. Use expert knowledge of science, technology, low or Intellectual Property consultants.

With brainiverse you’ll become an orchestrator, coordinator and solution finder.
These are the most needed and valuable skills of today’s world.

Relesae your potential.
Grow your passion.
Join brainiverse.




Anna Gorzkiewicz

CEO | Biotechnologist | Data Scientist


Grzegorz Glonek

CTO | Expert Software Engineer | Manager

WIN_20201002_14_30_34_Pro (2)

Marcin Białas

MENTOR | Expert Software Engineer | Manager


Krzysztof Wrona

ML DEVELOPER | Data Eng.| Product Designer


Sławomir Łach

NLP DEVELOPER | Chemist | ML Developer


Remek Pełka

ML DEVELOPER | Neurosurgeon


Dominik Wojtczak



Katarzyna Kubasiewicz


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